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About Us

    At LightUp, we don’t just sell toys—we sell experiences! Our founder and Chief Creative Officer, Josh Kelly, was raised by missionary parents, Chris and Renata, who spent much time ministering in Ecuador. When Josh was school-aged, they came back to the States, and his parents started selling Ecuadorian wares at festivals. Through those festivals, Josh learned how to turn a sale into an experience.

   By age nine, Josh was selling Hacky Sacks by putting on demonstration shows and doing tricks. One night, when he was 12, he lit up a park bench to sell glow necklaces. His success that night drove home how much the sales experience could be an attraction of its own.

    At 14, Josh founded LightUpToys.com and soon got the attention of a major theme park, allowing him to expand these experiences from festivals, to the largest theme parks in the world. Since then, LightUpToys.com—now LightUp—has seen tremendous growth. Theme parks worldwide are sharing in the success of our patented innovation, like the LightUp Bubble Wand and Bubble Show Retail Carts.

   LightUp continues its passionate commitment to ongoing philanthropy and service projects to improve the lives of needy children worldwide. We are currently sponsoring orphanages in Uganda and Mexico by providing living essentials, renovations, and drinking water systems. When Josh sees children captivated by his toys, he smiles knowing that as a result, children elsewhere are experiencing love and support. LightUp—Lighting up the attractions industry to light up the world!